Saturday, February 28, 2009

Picture of the Day: Low Carbon Footprint

This afternoon a parade of mules lugging bricks passed by the Holiday Inn Lido.

One was frightened by the big buses and cars whizzing by him, but his owner managed to calm him down.

These people, who live on the outskirts of Beijing, come into town on these large flatbed carts and go to sites where buildings have been torn down.

There they scavenge for bricks they can use to build their own houses, or perhaps to sell. They pack them neatly on their carts and then their mules have the tough task of bringing them back to their villages.

These mule-drawn carts, some of which have fruits and vegetables to sell, are only allowed on the 4th ring roads and beyond -- you never see them closer to the centre of the city.

But what's great about these people is that they really have low carbon footprints -- not only do they re-use recycled items, but also transport themselves using mules.

While they are doing it out of economic necessity, it's good to know not everything is wasted.


Anonymous said...

These mules live pretty miserable lives. I've spent a lot of time with these animals and their owners, and the animals are in bad shape.

I don't think a low carbon footprint even compares in importance to our almost unconscious exploitation of sentient beings.

I don't know why so many people give "carbon footprint" a higher valuation than basic compassion and decency.

Anonymous said...

i am a mule, and i think that all humans should stop flying in planes, traveling in cars and give mules the right to organize. Viva la mules!

Anonymous said...

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