Thursday, February 19, 2009

Afternoon Fun

Last night we had more snow fall on the ground so this morning traffic was a bit of a mess.

I did my usual routine of getting to the bus terminus before 8am to catch the 101 bus at 7:55am.

But it was no where to be seen... at 8:02am it hadn't arrived.

By 8:10 there was still no sign of it either, which is strange as the bus comes every five minutes.

I thought of trying to flag down a taxi, but they were all occupied.

So I used my creativity and took the 614 bus at 8:12am to get to the Sanyuanqiao subway station. And just as I got on the bus, I could see three 101 buses just getting back to the terminus...

At 8:22 I got off the bus and walked to the station. And by 8:50am I arrived at the office, 20 minutes late.

I wasn't alone in getting to work late, and it was still snowing lightly.

By by lunchtime most of it started melting.

After we ate lunch some of my colleagues asked me if I wanted to take pictures with them in a nearby park with the snow as the backdrop.

The park area is by a canal which has a thin sheet of ice on top and you can see dead leaves frozen in the water.

By now there's only about an inch or so of snow on the ground, but we make the most of the scenery, posing with the snow-covered trees. We even attempted to make a snowman.

When my colleagues watched me try to roll the snowball around the ground to make it bigger, one asked me if I was a snowman-making expert, as I'm from North America.

But as I tried to roll the small snowball around, the snow didn't want to stick to it which was really strange.

Perhaps it's a sign it's artificial snow...

Nevertheless, we found another larger snowman, well, half of one sitting on a ledge, complete with eyes, nose and mouth made of rolled up bamboo leaves. One of my coworkers donated her scarf to drape around his neck as we posed with him.

It might be the last snow of the season and we enjoyed the stroll and fun in the snow like little kids.

Then it was back to the hum drum of the office for the rest of the afternoon...

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ks said...

who is paying for the down time while you guys are making snow man ?