Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stamping Out Vulgarity

Some Chinese portals and websites try to increase traffic by posting pictures of scantily-clad young women.

Even some news outlets do this to increase the number of eyeballs on their websites.

However, the government doesn't think these media are setting a good example for Chinese citizens leering at these soft porn images.

And currently the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center (CIIIRC)under the Internet Society of China is cracking down on websites that contain "large amounts of low and vulgar content that violates social morality and damages the physical and mental health of youths."

The websites included Google, Baidu, Sina, and Sohu.

The CIIIRC demanded these 19 websites "seriously clean up their unhealthy and vulgar content", and invited netizens, the term used for people online, to report on any "illegal and unhealthy content on the Internet."

Most of the images are of young women wearing skimpy outfits and captured in seductive poses.

Compared to the pictures fallen Hong Kong star Edison Chan, the ones on the Chinese websites are very tame.

But then again, posting these images on websites could lead to a slippery slope...

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hosikah said...

I think even Edison Chan is tame compared to some of the stuff that goes on in THIS country!