Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winter is Here

I know it's not winter solstice yet, but today it was cold. Damn cold.

There is a Siberian front blowing across north and northeastern China for the next few days. Snowstorms have already hit Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces.

And today in Beijing it was minus 2 degrees but no snow... yet.

I bundled up on long johns, sweater, pants, socks, scarf, gloves and my big puffy down coat.

But when I got outside my legs were cold and had to jog to keep warm.

However, I have my secret weapon. Well it's not secret, but I have joined others in knowing how to keep my mouth and nose warm.

It's a surgical mask.

Many wear the cotton cloth ones, but I have a few disposable ones and keep one in my pocket. And today it came in really handy especially tonight.

The mask shielded part of my face from the strong gusts of wind that were chilling and relentless. Even now I can hear the howling and my doors rattling.

Winter isn't my favourite season in Beijing, but we all have to go through it... mask and all.

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ks said...

same here in vancouver. it is zero degree this morning . but people are praying for snow . all three sky hills are not yet open in the city due to lack of snow. i am teeing off at 12.30 today.