Thursday, December 4, 2008

This Looks Familiar...

When I was in Shanghai for the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, I headed to Dongtai Lu, the antique market street.

There I bought some embroidery, and some plates and bowls that had butterflies painted on them.

And as I was dragging my haul out of the area to catch a taxi back to my hotel, I spied an antique clock in a stall.

It was black with the two bells at the top and looked quite cool.

The shop owner wanted 300RMB ($43.58) but I said that was too expensive. I think in the end I got it for 120RMB ($17.43).

I was so proud of the clock, thinking it was in pretty good condition. With a bit of cleaning, as it was slightly rusted on the metal handle at the top, it would look like a nice decorate piece.

Fast forward to tonight as I wandered around Ikea and I spotted THE SAME CLOCK.

Could it be the same? It looked very similar.

And the price? 39RMB ($5.67).

Now that I examine my "old" clock again, I think I've been had!

You win some, you lose some.


ks said...

have a heart. let the small merchants make a buck. this is a form of social wellfare, free enterprise style. it is tax free too.

Airchild said...

Hey, if your clock works fine, consider yourself lucky. I got exactly the same clock from IKEA a year ago, and it stopped working entirely right after a day!