Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hangin' with Santa

Yesterday at Wangfujing Street, people were getting into the Christmas spirit even though December 25th isn't a holiday here.

The shopping area was busy as always, but there were lots of decorations to get people into a festive mood in the hopes of getting them to spend their money.

And at one street corner from behind, it looked like there was someone dressed up like Santa Claus and people taking turns to take pictures.

But when I came around the other side I realized there was a nice seat for people to pose next to the Big Guy who was jazzing things up with a saxophone in hand.

It's just interesting to see how the Chinese see Christmas and they may wonder eventually wonder if they will get the day off to celebrate the birth of Jesus and get sucked into the commercialism of the holiday.

Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

We enjoy the happy atmosphere of this holiday .

Airchild said...

They would be even more amazed to find that Dec 25 has nothing to do with Chris' birthday at all:

Anonymous said...

amazing to see china is becoming so christmasy nowadays.