Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who Says it's Safe?

The other day I bought a dozen eggs at the neighbourhood grocery store and was surprised to find it had a sticker on the right hand side.

The eggs are from Beijing producer De Qing Yuan so it's not one of the Dalian companies whose eggs were found to have melamine in them a few weeks ago.

Anyway, the sticker on the top right with a red border in black characters says "No Melamine".

Who knows who put that sticker there, the producer or food inspectors or even the grocery store.

Regardless it's a sign that egg sales aren't back to normal levels, and someone out there has resorted to putting these stickers on the egg cartons to try to reassure customers.

But like I said, since we don't know who put those stickers on, makes them even more suspicious, or at least makes you wonder who did it.

While I've abstained from domestic milk, yogurt and ice cream, I haven't stopped eating eggs...

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ks said...

in a huge country like china strict fda type of control is impossible. we just need to rely on the sincerity of the producer.