Friday, November 7, 2008

Bonding with 007

007 fans in China are bragging about seeing the latest Bond movie, Quantum of Solace before those in the United States.

It was released two days ago on November 5 and a friend of mine even went to the midnight showing, securing some of the last few seats in the theatre.

And yes, as a Daniel Craig fan he loved every minute of the 106-minute flick which made it through the Chinese censors without any cuts.

Whoo hoo.

Why was it released earlier in China? Probably a preemptive move to prevent fake DVD copies of it from going around if the film was released later.

Most people think, why pay 50 to 60RMB for a ticket, when they can get a copy for 10RMB?

We'll have to see if that works or not.

But Bond is definitely hot property.

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ks said...

the audio and visual effect on watching bond in a theatre is definitely different from watching a dvd. it is worth 50 rmb.