Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where's the Polisher... in Xian

After finishing seeing the terracotta warriors, we spotted this sign pointing the way out... except we don't quite understand what it means in English... do you?

It says: "Asks you on own initiative to walk according to the scenic areaturnover [sic] line... Thanks the cooperation".


Anonymous said...

How about "please exit following the signs."

Or just "exit"

This is why it's so helpful so have one of those plentiful english/chinese translators around.

CTC advertises the rate at RMB 150/day for car+driver+guide (not including a tip in 2006. Perhaps you can get one for your next jaunt?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, the word I meant to use was guide. These are licensed guides who get free entrance to all tourist sites and have passed exams, etc.

and who will drag you to all the "official" restaurants and tourist traps.


ks said...

Please follow scenic path to exit on your own.