Sunday, September 28, 2008

Multi-tasking Footwear

Wish you had time to clean your floors but too lazy to pick up a mop?

Now a Shanghainese entrepreneur gives you no more excuses as you waddle around in your apartment.

The business section of China's only English-language newspaper has published a story about floor-cleaning slippers.

Li Mi, who thought of this idea, sells this domestic footwear at 5RMB a pair, which have soles made from the same material used for mops.

But don't think these slippers should only be used at home -- they're also being used in some Shanghai offices so that employees can keep the floor clean just by shuffling around.

And you thought you had enough stuff to do at work...

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Anonymous said...

Yes I think this is a good idea for single or young families. A good way to sweep the floor.