Thursday, September 11, 2008

Creative Recycling

Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics was also touted as the "Green Olympics", some television shows have taken it upon themselves to tell others how to creatively recycle things.

I saw two episodes running on the screens on the buses on my way home from work.

The first and most recent one shows other uses for plastic bottles.

But you can't just use any bottle -- they have to be the wide-necked ones because they show you these containers are great for storing things from dried sticks of noodles to pasta, beans and other condiments.

A guy shows off why these bottles are so great, by putting one filled with dried beans on the edge of a table, and pushes it off and it falls to the ground.

"See! Isn't it great! It doesn't break!" he exclaims.

Then he picks it up and does it again. And again.

OK, we get the picture.

The second and earlier episode gave a beauty tip.

It showed a woman taking a finished plastic cup of yogurt with its peel-off lid still on it.

The lid still had some leftover yogurt on it so she took some of it and applied it on the back of her hand.

Not only did she apply it like a moisturiser, but then she applied more pressure and rubbed her skin harder and harder until flakes of dead skin started appearing.

After she wiped the dead skin off, she then explained how much softer her skin was and suggested others do the same beauty treatment.

I never thought yogurt would be a good exfoliator, but then again anything's possible.

So if you have any leftover yogurt and nothing else better to do with your skin, rub it on.

You read it here first.


Anonymous said...

But what did she do with the yogurt container when she was finished? Store dried beans in it? Ahh... the chinese, invented the abacus, fireworks and paper, and also a dried bean storage device!


ks said...

yogurt is mildly acidic may be used for exfoliation. the texture of it should smooth out rough skin. but skin moisturizer is also as inexpensive.