Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Grub

My friend got all excited when he heard about a place that served Eggs Benedict.

He found out how to get there (From Jianguomen Station, take the north-east exit, go down a block, turn left, then right, then down the street) and then took me for brunch.

American Steak & Eggs is apparently an institution amongst American expats here and you can quickly see why. It's the Beijing version of an American diner.

Most of the waitresses are older, some even with the big coiffed hair, very nice and good English. The younger ones seem a bit too timid to use their language and service skills.

For lunch they serve hamburgers, desserts include apple pie, and apparently bottomless cups of coffee. The servers even tuck the bill under your place mat and give you your change at your table.

The menu had all kinds of breakfast dishes, like steak and eggs, biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash, omelets and pancakes.

But we went straight for the Eggs Benny with fries at 45RMB (US$6.58) and a small cranberry juice at 18RMB ($2.63).

As we waited we could see some Americans on their own with laptops, or families coming for a bite to eat. Not many locals go to this place.

Our dishes arrived, with the English muffins and eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce. The fries were actually deep-fried potato slices which were even better than fries.

I haven't had Eggs Benny in a while so it was quite the treat, though like I said, a bit too heavy on the sauce.

Nevertheless, it was a great place to have a casual Sunday breakfast before heading another block east to the Silk Market. Another reason to go get some American grub.

American Steak & Eggs
Xiushui Nanjie
6592 8088

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Anonymous said...

why cant the americans eat like the chinese do- a more healthy diet. over 1/3 of americans are overweight.