Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Shy Building

Tonight after dinner we wanted to take pictures of the new CCTV building.

So I told the taxi driver to take us to the "da kouchar" or "big pants" and he dropped us off across the street from the giant black building.

However it wasn't lit up maybe because it wasn't completely finished. But you'd think with the Olympics and all, there would be some lights shining on it to draw attention to its crazy, fantastic, unique design.

But no, it preferred to stay hidden in the dark. We took some photos by the parking lot and thought we'd get better shots around the corner.

Almost half an hour walking later, we tried to get another angle, but our view of it was completely blocked by these annoying makeshift billboard-like walls that said "One World, One Dream" in various languages.

At the street corner all we could take were pictures of its top and even then it looked horrible with the hazy air and the colourful walls stopping us from admiring it.

We'll just have to wait until it's completed and the barricades come down. Such an interesting building and architectural critics raving about it and not being able to photograph it is a pity.

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ks said...

why insist on something which is not ready. same experience with me when i visited ground zero in new york in may. i wanted to have a good look of the big hole and the wrecked steel frame. no deal. it is all boarded up due to security reasons. only had a glimpse a block away.