Saturday, August 30, 2008

Round Two

After a heavy rain on Friday, and slight showers last night, today there is a gorgeous blue sky and white fluffy clouds. Who knew Beijing could be so beautiful on an August day?

The Paralympics is six days away and already in the last few days the banners around the city have changed from the Olympic to Paralympic ones.

While the logo of the five Olympic rings are still on the Olympic lanes, the signs pointing them have also changed to show the Paralympic logo.

Flowers along the roads and mini gardens on street corners and patches of areas have been spruced up with fresh plants looking cheerful as ever.

And the army of city volunteers began mobilizing again yesterday, hanging out at the subway platforms waiting for their latest instructions.

With the Olympics over, the Paralympics will probably be a walk in the park, being much smaller in scale.

However, as I took the bus today, I saw a stretch of sidewalk that was prettily decorated with a series of potted plants every few metres.

If the city is supposed to be more accessible, potted plants on a sidewalk isn't really wheelchair accessible, unless they don't expect anyone to go along that sidewalk.

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