Friday, August 22, 2008

The Marathon is Almost Over

Just a few more days left and China's biggest party welcoming the world will be over.

And after that I'll be trying to recover.

Watching the Games has left me sleep-deprived, watching events late and early morning. Some of the competitions have been so dramatic that you can't help but keep watching.

Then there's the walking.

The Olympic Green is so large that it takes you a while to get around. It doesn't look far, but once you start walking, like Beijing, you wonder when you'll ever get there.

However, it's been good on the waistline.

The food in general on the Green and at the various venues I've been to to watch the events have been horrific. Sausage on a stick and sweet popcorn aren't quite enough to fill my stomach.

And there's only so many Snickers bars you can eat... with Coke.

Dining options are slim and with venues like the softball and baseball fields running out of bottles of cold water before the games start is shocking.

It's hot, there's lots of people. We need to cool down with water! You'd think after several days of competition they'd realize that and remedy the situation.

Oh well. As I said, only a few more days left and the 7-year anticipation of the Games coming to Beijing will be over.

Overall the Olympics has been run well, on time and relatively efficient.

Just give us more water so we don't pass out in the sun.

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ks said...

nothing is perfect. on the whole this olympiad has been run quite smoothly. given the chinese have never had such experience before, we have to congratulate them for a good job done.