Saturday, August 16, 2008

Usain's Record Strike

Tonight I had the chance to watch the fastest man in the world.

Through the first round of Olympics tickets available to residents in China in December, I managed to clinch tickets for Athletics, that included the men's 100m final.

And my brother and I were able to witness it together.

Just before the race, the crowd got all excited, standing up and waving flags, shouting and clapping.

Then the competitors came out at the blocks and the energy level in the National Stadium, or Bird's Nest was electrifying.

The announcer called out for quiet and we just about complied, waiting anxiously.

As soon as the gun went off Jamaican Usain Bolt went out like a flash.

Unfortunately because we were sitting off from the finish line, we couldn't tell at first who won because it seemed like they all finished together.

But when we saw the instant replay, with Bolt way out in front and his record time of 9.69 seconds -- we were watching history in the making.

Everyone was thrilled at this amazing performance by all the athletes, and especially Bolt, who made it look almost effortless.

How did he do it? And towards the end he looked around and smiled, knowing he already won.

Could he have gone even faster?


And to watch that live in the Bird's Nest in Beijing at the 2008 Olympics is a moment (lasting 9.69 seconds long) I will never forget.

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