Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Green Outlook

The main Olympic sponsors get to have their own pavilion to promote their products and services.

And one of the curious ones is green, and covered in grass. Real grass.

The company? CNPC.

Who? China National Petroleum Corporation.

Inside the presentation isn't very slick, but tries very hard to show how the state-owned company has a number of oil fields around China and has projects in various parts of the world including Africa, central Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

There was a touch-screen computer that invited me to learn more about CNPC in any country I chose.

So I pressed Sudan.

This country was the reason director Steven Spielberg pulled out of the opening ceremonies, thanks to Mia Farrow's protests.

A cheery Chinese male voice explained the Sudan has abundant resources and animals, illustrated with touristy landscapes.

It then went onto say CNPC has set up "several hospitals", 25 schools and 63 wells for drinking water for 200,000 people.

Then to make sure you're paying attention it gave a pop quiz.

I got the answer right (since I was taking notes).

The male voice said, "You're right!"

And that was the end.

Don't I get a prize?


ks said...

a good device to bring public attention to the environmental issues. the green grass walls are something new. i once have seen grass roofs of a modern building in paris and ancient hut in oslo. but not grass walls. very novice idea.

Anonymous said...

People in Sudan are getting killed by Chinese made wheapons. In a way China has fueled the human tragedy in Africa to ensure it gets the resources it needs to manufature cheap goods for rest of the world. China has partnered up with countries with the worst human right records and there does not appear to be any limit on how low it would go to achieve its goals. Shame on China!