Friday, August 1, 2008

Beijing Style Guide

With just a week to go until the Olympics, Beijing has come up with a handbook advising its residents on how to dress.

The etiquette guide, issued from the Office of Capital Spiritual Civilization Construction Commission includes how to shake hands and even how to stand.

These booklets have been distributed to 4 million households -- but that probably doesn't even cover the entire Beijing population.

Suggestions include not wearing white socks with black shoes, not wearing pajamas in public, or rolling up shirts to expose tummies.

And for women they should wear skirts at a certain length and not wear outrageous colours. It even suggested that if a woman's legs were on the large side, they should wear darker stockings.

Wonder how many people will be taking this last-minute fashionista advice?

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Anonymous said...

just let it be. it is ok with visitors to see the real us. we are what we are. nothing to be ashamed of.