Friday, July 11, 2008

Word of the Day: Lala Dui

At this year's Games, China will see groups of young women in tight clothing dancing a set routine.

There are over 600 volunteers who will become lala dui, or cheerleaders, whose job it will be to rev up the crowds at the various Olympics venues.

They are in training right now -- with dance moves taught by none other than the cheerleaders from the National Football League's New England Patriots.

"I must work hard so that I can show the world the spirit of China's youth, the happiness that sports brings," explained one cheerleader.

However it might be weird having them shaking their booties at say fencing, archery or weightlifting events. Can you imagine that?


Anonymous said...

You should post pictures of these cheerleaders!

Anonymous said...

You should post BIG pictures of these cheerleaders!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheer leading is a line of business for atheltic young girls in North America. This trade is just spreading to China that is all.