Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where's the Polisher... on the Bus?

The interiors of buses in Beijing are all getting these new dark blue and white signs which are great because they are in Chinese and English.

Previously I had to figure out what was going on by trying to decipher the Chinese characters or watch other passengers and follow them.

For the most part these signs are correct -- except for this one.

It shows four icons, one for an elderly person, one of a parent and child, one of a disabled person, and one with a pregnant woman.

Below it says: "Please Take the Initiative for Bringing Invalidity Pregnant Parks [sic]".

You can guess what it's supposed to say: "Please take the initiative and give up your seat for the elderly, children, invalids and pregnant women".

"Giving up seat day" usually happens on the 22nd of each month, but now with 29 days to go, the municipal government is hoping people will be giving up their seats everyday.

Is it too late to change the sign?

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ks said...

i have read an article about the influence of chinese on english expressions. as more and more chinese are taking up english as a second language, a lot of expressions are becoming chinglish. but this one is outrageous.