Tuesday, July 8, 2008

T-minus 31 days to go

It's July 8, folks -- one more month until the Olympics!

And how are we feeling?? Nervous and excited, and wondering... where did the time go?

I remember when I first arrived last April and there were several hundred -- some 500 days until the Games.

And now we're down to 31.

To mark one of the last milestones before the Games, the Central Bank has issued commemorative 10 yuan bank notes. They're in cyan with the graphic of the National Stadium or Bird's Nest and on the other side is the famous Greek statue of a discus thrower, Discobolus, and images of people doing sports.

However, there are only going to be 6 million of these notes in circulation.

Which means there's going to be lots of hording.

So if you do happen to get your hands on one of these notes, keep it!

It's a brilliant way to prevent the economy from moving as this 60 million RMB will be kept in people's pockets... probably never exchanging hands... ever.

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