Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home-cooked Uniforms

Late last week, the Chinese delegation for the Beijing Olympics unveiled their team uniforms the would wear for the opening ceremonies.

They feature alternating yellow and red jackets and shirts with white skirts or pants. The jackets sport the Chinese government crest.

The uniform's designer, Liu Ruiqi said: "When the Chinese delegation comes out, they will certainly catch the eyes of the audience."

But many Chinese netizens don't think highly of the outfits.

One typical comment is: "They remind me of the tomato scrambled egg dish."

This dish, called fan(1) qie(2) chao(3) dan(4) is a typical home-cooked one, simple to make and can be used as a sauce over noodles or rice.

In the above picture from Xinhua, the top names of the Chinese team, including Yao Ming stand together. Yao looks solemn, but Liu Xiang in the red jacket in the middle looks like he's trying not to laugh.

Maybe he got the tomato scrambled egg joke.

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Anonymous said...

Like Spain our national color is red and yellow. The theme is good and eye catching. Might be better if adding some pattern either to the jacket or the shirt. Looks just a little too plain.