Monday, July 7, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Today the temperature hit 32 degrees Celsius but it must have been hotter than that because of the humidity.

Just walking down the street you broke into a sweat. Or is it me walking too fast?

People here remark that I walk so fast. What for? I'm just used to my Hong Kong days where you were always in a rush to get somewhere. Or am I more purpose-driven in my stride than others?

Tonight I took the above picture in the subway on Line 1 to Jianguomen Station.

And with the heat, women are losing their inhibitions in their summer wardrobe. For the male species, it's the best time of the year to see as much exposed skin as possible -- for free.

Many young women wear mini skirts, short shorts and tank tops. Or they wear practically see-through tops that leave little for the imagination.

But I also took the photo because this was the first subway train I've seen that offers padding for commuters to park their bums.

The guy in jeans is leaning back in comfort which is a bit odd and in terms of traffic flow as his stance can impede people from getting in and out of carriages easily if someone is sticking their feet out on an angle.

Or is it me with my Hong Kong efficiency thinking?

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