Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Come, Please Come...

With 17 days to go until the Olympics, hotel operators are finally cutting their prices in an attempt to lure visitors.

Three-star hotels have dropped their prices from 700RMB ($104) to 400RMB, while four-star hotels are now 800RMB from 1,500RMB, according to Ctrip.com.

Originally greedy hotels were hoping to make a bundle during the Games, charging exhorbinant amounts, and stipulating guests must stay at least seven days.

But with the various events that happened this year, from the Tibet riots, to the torch relay, the Sichuan earthquake, and now the hurdles to jump in order to get visas, people from overseas are thinking twice about coming to China.

So maybe now the hospitality sector is going to look to its own domestic visitors to fill the hotel rooms.

That's if they can get through all the security checks to get into Beijing.

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Anonymous said...

China is doing her very best for seurity and prevention of terrorism. Just err on the safe side. Nothing wrong with that. Let the Chinese people hold their own Olympics.