Monday, July 21, 2008

The Canadian Richard Clayderman

This is Carlo Aspri.

He's a young Italian-Canadian pianist and composer who says he is completely self-taught.

And he has gone half way around the world from Montreal to Beijing to launch his musical career.


According to his PR flacks, his music is very similar to the likes of Kenny G, Richard Clayderman and Yanni... easy listening tunes that are apparently very popular in China.

So about four or five months ago, Apri made the move to Beijing and gave his debut concert to a select audience on Saturday at the Yamaha Music Performance Center, which is basically a showroom.

Dressed in a black shirt and pants, he performed some 16 pieces, that all sounded similar... a la Clayderman.

Each of the songs were dramatic, with lots of arpeggios and flourishes that evoked film scores.

His ode to China, "The Moon Represents My Heart" or Yueliang daibiao wode xin was beautifully arranged. In fact, if he really wants to capture the Chinese market, he should do more of his own interpretations of other well-known Chinese songs.

However, Aspri and his marketing machine are a bit new in conquering the Chinese music scene.

The big boss charged with launching Aspri's career in Asia didn't even know who superstar Lang Lang was when someone suggested he possibly do some collaboration with the world-class artist.

Aspri also needs to prove his connection with China beyond just saying so. And needs to learn to be more sophisticated in his media speak.

His image too seems a bit elementary. His CD cover features him in his tinted glasses, wearing a Chinese-like shirt and even a red string around his neck. He almost looks Eurasian, but he's not.

A picture of him at the piano would be best. He seems most comfortable tinkling the ivories... just like Richard.

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How is Carlo Aspri now ?