Thursday, June 5, 2008

Grandpa Wen on Facebook

Premier Wen Jiabao went back to the quake-hit area to oversee the situation with the Tangjiashan quake lake in Beichuan County in Sichuan.

The quake lake was formed after a landslide blocked a river from the May 12 earthquake.

And any time now this lake will overflow is banks and hopefully the water will flow into a man-made channel that police and soldiers dug nonstop a few days ago.

This is Wen's third trip to the area and he has garnered much support for his immediate response as well as concern for the victims, trying to console crying children and encouraging the people.

He has become so popular that someone put him on Facebook, the popular networking site.

I just checked and as of 9:15pm Beijing time, he has 46,937 supporters, making him the sixth most popular politician on FB.

He's far behind Democratic nominee Barack Obama (890,910), but he's way ahead of President George W Bush and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

One would hope so.

On one of his previous trips to Sichuan, Premier Wen wrote on a blackboard, "Distresses may resurrect a nation" at Beichuan Middle School. Now the school is preserving the blackboard as a lesson to all for eternity.

President Hu Jintao has been trying to hang on to Wen's coattails to catch the popularity wave so to speak.

On June 1, Hu also wrote 16 Chinese characters on the blackboard: "One in trouble, all to help; Rely on ourselves and work hard."

Although Hu also has a Facebook page someone put up, he only has 266 supporters. There's also a page of Supporters of President Hu Jintao, but they only have 658 fans.

It's probably a good thing for Hu that he didn't have to run in a popularity contest...

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Anonymous said...

grandpa wen is a genuine good man, selfless andhard working. he is a model government officiaal really 'serve the people' as this motto is decorated everywhere.