Friday, May 23, 2008

Packaged Cleanliness

Last night two of my colleagues and I grabbed some dinner after working late.

We went to a barbecue place that serves mostly skewers of meat, vegetables, and fish. There are also bowls of noodles, rice, and salads.

The place has almost been open for almost a year, but the place settings were different.

Instead of disposable wooden chopsticks, we were each given a self-contained set of a plate, glass, bowl, spoon and teacup. Reusable chopsticks were passed out.

One of my colleagues said she was annoyed about the sanitary packaging.

"We have to pay extra for this, even though a restaurant should be giving us clean plates and glasses anyway," she explained.

Although it's a few yuan, it is the principle.

Restaurateurs probably think if you can afford to dine at their eatery, a few yuan for clean plates and bowls is nothing.

I have to agree with her though. And the plastic packaging is just adding more garbage to the environment. Will the government consider a ban on plastic packaging for clean dishes?


Anonymous said...

plastic packaging is unfortunately a necessary evil. it is economical, sterile and water proof. all medical and surgical euipments are packaged this way. actually i wish to commend the restaurant for this innovation . instead of using disposable utensils it uses real ones in a clean and sterile package ensuring it hygenic. i also minimises more garbage.

Airchild said...

This practice sounds ridiculous to me! It's better to use the old trick of offering a bowl of tea for customers to wash their bowls and cups in :)