Sunday, May 4, 2008

Breaking News -- Someome Else to Blame

China has a new public enemy now and it's not CNN's Jack Cafferty.

This afternoon China Daily issued a scathing opinion piece on Reporters Sans Frontieres, or Reporters Without Borders.

It starts off by saying three people from this group interrupted the lighting ceremony of the Olympic torch in Olympia, Greece. This fact is true, as reported by many foreign media, as a man unfurled a flag with five handcuffs linked together to parody the Olympic rings.

The disruption they caused was non-violent and that was the only incident involving RSF in the torch relay.

But the piece continues, saying since then RSF has been involved in disrupting the torch's global tour, citing incidents in Paris and Nagano.

The commentary then questions the role of RSF -- is it really an advocate for journalists and the free press? It then blames the Paris-based group for organizing "hostile movements against the Beijing Olympics" as evidenced by what they did during the global torch relay.

It even claims that a French newspaper found that RSF banded together with right-wing US political groups to try to pressure US, German and Swiss companies to stop Beijing from getting the rights to the Games in 2001.

But isn't that decision made by the International Olympic Committee and not by corporations?

However, the spin doesn't end there.

It blames RSF for joining forces with Tibetan separatists to "shamefully politicize the Olympics and go against the wishes of the Chinese people".
There's no doubt RSF was sponsored by stubborn anti-Chinese agencies to defame China and the Beijing Olympics. One thing for sure is that RSF will not last long once the truth comes out in the wash and it loses its dirty funds.
So does this mean the Dalai Lama is off the hook now?

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Anonymous said...

There are just too many coincidences--the Reporter Sans Frontieres, Dalai Lama and all the organised protests against the torch relay all over.
It seems there is a centralized coordinator behind it. Which country has the most mock enemies in the world? There is a common denominator.