Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another CCTV Update

Here's a picture of the CCTV Tower today. I took the picture as my friend and I rode in a cab on the way to Panjiayuan, the antique flea market. So you can see a reflection in the picture.

They are putting the diamond-shaped glass panels around the building now, giving the architectural feat more definition.

While the building won't be completely finished in time for the Olympics, CCTV will broadcast out of it.

Because by hook or by crook, the Chinese will make it happen.

It's either sheer determination or national pride.

Take your pick.

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ks said...

we toured the empire state building in new york this morning. listening to the audio tour guide about the history of the building it is reminicent to whatever is happening in beijing nowadays. it is the business tycoons of the last century that dominated the development and shape of the city much the same as in china. the only difference is in the u.s. it was the rich and famous while in china it is the party and political strong men that determine the course of development of the city. it is an exact parallel.