Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taste of Hong Kong

For those hankering for egg tarts, ying yang, a drink mix of tea and coffee, or French toast with peanut butter, can get a bite of Hong Kong at Gold Lake Cafe at the China World Trade Center in Guomao.

The large dining area features booths around the room, and then an open kitchen at the back displaying the usual barbecue duck and roasted chicken hanging by the glass window.

Some of the diners spoke Cantonese and many caught up with Hong Kong news by reading one of several copies of Oriental daily offered by the restaurant.

I ordered an iced tea and the glass had lots of ice, some five or six slices of lemon and refreshing tea. My friend had her favourite ying yang.

We also had wonton noodles which were perfect with a dash of vinegar, curry chicken with rice, and a plate of kale with oyster sauce.

It was almost like being in the SAR, except serving staff spoke Putonghua.

And as the cafe is open 24 hours a day, it's good to know this eatery is available whenever I have a hankering for Hong Kong food.

GL Cafe Restaurant
Shop L 132, Guomao Commerce City
6505 6868

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ks said...

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