Sunday, April 6, 2008

Signs of Spring

Spring has definitely arrived in Beijing.

Chinese New Year, which is more commonly known as Spring Festival in China, is a misnomer because most of us are still freezing despite the promise of spring around the corner.

However, these last few days it's been noticeably warmer and even humid. Today was apparently 21 degrees Celsius and we had a short spell of rain showers too.

Cherry and plum blossoms are exploding with colour on tree branches, which are definitely brightening up this dust-covered city.

Here are some taken by the 798 district and behind my apartment building yesterday.

Last night my friend and I walked under several large trees covered in very pale pink plum blossoms. They practically glowed in the dark like snow.


ks said...

while in turkey two week ago the tullips were in full bloom too. our guide told us that tullips were originally from turkey. thsy were exportd to holland over a century ago. the growing and modifying of tullips took place in the netherland and has become a world wide business. it is now mistaken as a dutch flower.

Airchild said...

Your apartment building looks like HK-style apartment buildings.