Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Seeing Things

When a friend was visiting Beijing in July, she thought there was something wrong with her eyesight because to her, everything looked blurry.

I laughed and said no, it's the smog.

But tonight it happened to me and now I know what she was talking about.

These past two days the temperature has jumped to highs of 28 from 18. Yesterday wasn't as humid as today. So when I came out of the gym this evening after 8pm, everything outside seemed... blurry. It was as if my eyes weren't focussed properly and a bit hazy around the edges.

This picture sort of gives you an idea of how thick the fog/smog is.

I imagine a lot of other people think they're seeing things too.

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Anonymous said...

Hope by Olympic time the weather would cooperate and give people of the world the blue sky it had a few days ago. What about the rain making? Any good results?