Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beijing Skies

Today was definitely a blue sky day.

As I waited for friends outside Ditan Park, near the Lama Temple, I looked up and saw many kites flying in the sky.

Beijingers love flying kites and any chance of a good wind and clear skies they're out in the parks, letting their kites dance in the wind.

Most of them are adult men, probably bringing them to their childhoods, or giving them a sense of freedom from the chaotic world below.

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ks said...

kite flying hs been a form of folk culture for thousands of years. in ancient times kites are a form of crude satellite to snoop behind enemy lines or sending messges some thing like pigeons. it is a good form of recreation. good chance to go out and have some fresh air. movement of the kite can be a form of calisthenics too. you are acting against strong wind. also kite fighting and promote friendship,rivalry or even real fight . glad to see the blue sky in beijing.