Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Star Player gets Boney Treatment

Los Angeles Galaxy star player David Beckham arrived in Shanghai Sunday to play against a Shanghai-Hong Kong team tomorrow.

Becks has sustained a number of injuries so the media asked many questions about his fitness level. He answered concerns about his being ready to play for England again.

"All I can do now is to get my fitness and play as many games as possible. We will just have to wait and see," Beckham said.

Galaxy head coach Rudd Gullit said the famous English footballer is fit and could play up to 90 minutes.

However, before Becks hits the field at Shanghai's Outdoor Stadium, it needs some serious attention.

"The pitch is in bad shape and dangerous, there were stones and bones, shells, everything was on the pitch. It is pretty difficult to play on it, so I hope they can clean it," Gullit said.

Bones? Shells?

Did someone bring some sand and have a barbecue on the pitch recently?

How embarrassing for the Chinese hosts to hear the field was hardly ready for playing, when they probably thought it was fine.

Heads are going to roll for this one...

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ks said...

the soccer field has to be well turffed and soft as the players dont have any armor to proctect them like in the american football. shanghai is so prosperous , how come they cant afford a scoccer filed that is up to international standard?