Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In My Neighbourhood

On the weekend I walked down a boulevard near my place. It's not a busy street and along one side is a mini park that sprung up a few months after I arrived. The other side is some kind of flight academy, a two-star hotel, apartments and restaurants.

And in the last few months workers were busy constructing a building near the entrance of the boulevard. Thinking it was public land, I assumed it would be a small community centre, or even washroom facilities.

But I was completely wrong. Erected is the "08 Rinse Meat Workshop" on one side and on the other is the "Hong Kong Hot Pot". I expect the meat for the hot pot will be fresh off the chopping block.

What's strange is that there's no other buildings next to it and the land is not deep enough to develop further as there's a small stream that smells putrid, especially in the summer.

Do city officials know about this "meat workshop"?

Then further down the quiet street in front of a restaurant was a fleet of cars decked out for a wedding.

The Mercedes pictured above has a nice flower arrangement on the hood, but then it's gaudily taped down with Scotch tape. Hope that doesn't ruin the paint job.

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ks said...

another example of lack of city planning, ordinances and policing . may be one day you try out the restaurant and see what they serve. save the cooking.