Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flaming Proud

Beijing hasn't counted down to 150 days to the Games yet and another must-have souvenir has hit the market.

Now consumers can catch the Olympic spirit with their very own miniature replica of the torch.

It's 29cm in height to represent the 29th Olympiad and it's made from the same steel used to construct the National Stadium, or Bird's Nest.

The torch also features a scroll shape and the "lucky cloud" design around it.

Only 200,000 of these flaming hot babies will be available for 2,900 RMB (US$410).

And if you have to have the almost real thing, 72cm long scale models of the torch as also for sale.

The Chinese pride themselves on these replica torches being the first 3D models of the torch ever authorized by the International Olympic Committee.

What's next? Selling the left over asphalt to build the roads to the Games?

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ks said...

well , it is commercialism. free enterprise. anything anyway to make a buck is acceptable. it is following the common practice in america. not a bad idea at all. but the money collected should be put to a good cause, not to the pockets of the corrupt officials. i hope.