Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bad Timing

Yesterday International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge said China is making progress on clearing up its air quality ahead of the Olympics in August.

During the opening ceremony of the 4th World Conference on Women and Sports in Jordan, Rogge said China has taken some measures, including switching from coal to gas energy, closing 10 percent of its gas stations, and planting millions of trees to improve its air quality.

Chinese officials have confirmed half of the over 3 million vehicles will be taken off the roads, by alternating license plates ending in even and odd numbers, but still haven't decided when this exercise will begin.

It's interesting Rogge said this during the weekend, when the sky these two days has been so hazy, the sun had trouble burning through the smog to show itself. This picture was taken from my apartment, around 6pm Sunday.

Perhaps he should have saved his comments for when there was a "blue sky" day.

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ks said...

jacques rogge is a very diplomatic person. he handles the olympic issues well. but china should really put a good effort to clean up the air whatever the cost may be. i believe they have been doing it in earnest. but dont forget los angeles faced the same problem many years ago when it was hosting the olympics and sailed through it. beijing is no exception.