Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All Together Now

The National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) are both meeting in Beijing last week and this week.

Over 2,000 people descend to the capital which explains the clogged roads these past few days.

The NPC is China's top legislative body that passes laws, while the CPPCC is made of delegates from across the country proposing bills or suggestions to the NPC to consider.

For the first time, the NPC has included three migrant workers to represent 13 percent of the population. It must be an exciting task for these two women and man to tell top officials face-to-face what migrant workers need most (housing, healthcare, education for their children).

CPPCC delegates are supposed to represent every sector of society, from minorities (which explains the traditional dress), professionals, tycoons (Stanley Ho), celebrities (director Zhang Yimou, actress Gong Li), athletes, artists, and even deaf people.

Many put forward all kinds of suggestions for the government to consider, from recycling textbooks for primary school children, to changing the national holiday schedule, protecting the environment, more access for handicapped people, and fighting corruption.

It's pretty amazing over 2,000 people gather and for 12 days straight hash out solid proposals to the NPC.

These two meetings called "liang hui" should happen more often. While it is a huge logistical undertaking for all these people to come to Beijing, it would really make average people more politically active. Once they see the government really is serving the people, they will begin to demand more accountability which can only be a good thing.

Meanwhile, can something be done about jazzing up the old men in boring dark suits with the ubiquitous red tie? While the minorities are expected to dress all out in elaborate headdresses and colourful fabrics, can't the officials be a bit more daring and try pinstripes or a snazzy tie?

Someone call up Stacey London and Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear.

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ks said...

i understand wong ming chuen , a hong kong representative at the cppcc has moved to allow the opposition members of legco the right to have a return card to china. at present they are banned and are only granted one time visa on emergency and/or humanitarian circumstances. it is ironic that a chinese citizen is not allowed to set foot on the motherland just because he has a different political point of view.