Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Still Going Strong

The Worker's Stadium near Dongsishitiao will be the venue for the soccer matches for the Olympics.

When it was built in 1959 it was hailed as one of China's top architectural feats, as it was one of the largest outdoor stadiums at the time.

In the late 80s it underwent a renovation and has held many events including China's National Games, the 11th Asia Games and 13th Asia Cup for soccer.

Top musical acts have also performed here including the godfather of Chinese rock, Cui Jian and Taiwanese singer Jay Chou. Celine Dion will grace her presence at the stadium when she comes through in April.

Today the stadium was unveiled to the media for a sneak peak, but there weren't many visible upgrades to the actual stadium except the new lighting system that meets FIFA standards.

The coloured plastic seats were covered in dust as construction workers were still building a frame to house a giant screen. The clock at the south end of the stadium wasn't working and the turf looked sadly yellow.

Nevertheless, officials praised the stadium for its hardiness and how it's a major landmark in the city.

However, the meeting rooms and VIP areas looked like they'd been spiffed up. The carpets were plush, deep red adorned with unattractive floral designs.

The floor coverings were so new that red fluff from the carpets caught on everyone's shoes, making their soles red.

Someone needs to tell the managers the carpet needs vacuuming....

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ks said...

as with all other chinese buildings they need good maitenance programs . this is no exception. i am sure they will meet the dead line and the prescribed specs.
how come jason's same comment was printed four times?