Sunday, February 17, 2008

Party's Over Folks

This past Tuesday was the end of the Chinese New Year holiday. Most people trudged back to work the next day.

Migrant workers are making their way back to the cities this weekend.

And most of us are still thinking about the good time we had during our break, be it going home to visit family and eating home-cooked food, or traveling to other destinations.

However, that doesn't mean people should still set off fireworks. Ever since I got back, as soon as dusk falls, I hear a boom in the distance. And the explosions keep happening all over Beijing even past midnight.

We all have to work the next day, folks.

One might argue that in their home town their New Years' festivities are longer than the government mandated one. Some say they continue celebrating until the first day of the second lunar month.

But here in the city the holiday has come and gone and we should all focus on getting back to work and of course everyone's favourite upcoming event, the Summer Games.

So while I don't mind the decorations of red bulbous lanterns and New Year greetings plastered all over doorways and windows, the fireworks should really stop. Although the government allows fireworks to be set off, didn't they set a time limit?

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ks said...

the chinese are notorious for not obeying laws. they are more akin to customs and traditions. the firecrackers thing has to be curtailled as it is a waste of resources. it only creates pollution in noise, air and paper dust. it disturbs the peace especially at night.