Saturday, January 12, 2008

Portable Cafes

I went to Wangfujing today to find some deals and wandered into Artistic Mansion, my new favourite shopping destination.

After wandering the discount section at the sixth floor, I managed to score a pair of Asics runners for 349RMB (US$48).

Back outside, as I walked along the boulevard, I was surprised to see many encapsulated cafes. They all seemed to offer hot and cold drinks in a small enclosed space, obviously to give people a little respite from the cold air.

These portable cafes aren't just tents -- they're made with glass, metal and powered with electricity.

Some are square, others rectangular. This one is tunnel-shaped and has lots of windows to allow customers to continue their favourite past time of people watching as they sip their drinks.

1 comment:

ks said...

good idea for these instant kiosks. wonder how they get the electricity and plumbing or permit from city hall. this is particularly efficient during the olympics with a sudden influx of tourists. aside from being cafes what other business are they used?