Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where's the Polisher Part 3

Some signs along the Great Wall need some serious polishing.

There were two at Ju Yong Guan. One advertising snacks and drinks has a line that says "Childs Food (sic) Beer Cracker". One should probably politely point out that beer and children's food don't go together.

Then near the washroom -- and a clean one I might add -- is this sign: "The Space of Manage Toilets". What they meant to say was "Toilet Management Office". But perhaps it should be a little more vague and say "Administration Office or Operations Office".

Finally at Badaling, in one of the towers, inside is a garbage can. For some reason there's an arrow pointing down and it says: "Don't Call in Thunder Storm Day". In Chinese it says, "During a thunderstorm, please don't use your mobile phone".

It's a pity these mistakes are found on one of the world's most popular tourist attractions. But at least these signs gets visitors taking more pictures as fond reminders of their visit.

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ks said...

this is typical chinglish- a direct word to word translation from chinese to english. china really needs lots of language polishers particulary in tourist spots. the populus is still not well educated . due to the rigid political system it is not easy to change in a short time. even in north america some of the menus of chinese restaurants have been a source of jokes of jay leno