Friday, December 21, 2007

Skippin' Along

Camaraderie with colleagues usually involves having drinks after work, or organizing a barbecue, perhaps a hike, skiing or maybe even karaoke.

My coworkers decided the best way to encourage teamwork is by skipping rope.

In the last two weeks they've spent a few lunchtimes practicing jumping rope, with two people holding one end each and the others jumping through and running to the other side to repeat.

It's pretty neat seeing them do it, and as they are much younger than me, it's seems like the last time they did it was only a year or two ago.

Those who don't want to skip rope can play a kind of hackey-sack, but the Chinese version has a plume of artificially-coloured feathers. And it always seems to land with the feathers up every time.

Anyway, today was a competition day and the employees were divided into their different departments and pitted against each other.

One team was way ahead of the others, mostly due to the number of people in the group so that they had a mini break in between each jump.

There was also a competition to see how many jumps they could get in with four people skipping rope at the same time in two minutes. Four guys were chosen for the task and got in some 60 jumps in.

While it's great seeing my colleagues getting exercise in the cold weather, it's weird watching them do an activity I did when I was a kid!

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ks said...

any physical activity during breaks are to be encouraged. it beats sitting around drinking coffee . in japan there used to be group exercises at the place of work for manual workers. this will dispell fatigue and eye strain from repetitive movements. may be some deep breathing exercise will help too. rope skipping and kicking "yan zi" are the traditional games during recess in schools. they may rejuvenate you.