Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Santa is Coming

The other day I went to the shopping mall near my place to get my weekly groceries.

And outside there was this setup of a faux living room on a stage, complete with a fireplace and big red armchair -- complete with white doilies on the arms.

Currently it's covered up with plastic, probably as the Big Guy's elves are still setting up for his arrival.

But it's really interesting to see how the Chinese view Christmas. It's more of a commercial thing for them than stirring up childhood memories.

My colleagues are very curious about this holiday and ask me how we celebrate it. The closest equivalent is the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. Just that there's no big guy in a red suit.

But just as Hong Kong and Singapore have embraced Christmas, it won't be long before the Chinese will know a few carols and pass out the candy canes.

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ks said...

everywhere in the world christmas has been commercialised china is no exception. the ture meaning of christmas is about peace and love for all people we have forgotten about.