Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Pearl of Shanghai

The 2008 Beijing Olympics hasn't even started yet and China is already excited about the 2010 Expo in Shanghai.

Yesterday there was lots of fanfare over the unveiling of the exposition's mascot.

And..... it's blue.

It's called Haibao, which has such meanings as, "sea treasure" and "Shanghai's treasure".

The design is actually inspired by the Chinese character ren, person or people. And then designers chose the colour blue to represent the sea which is also shown in its cowlick wave on the top left.

Many Chinese are going gaga for the mascot and think it's so adorable. And to satisfy their demands to have one, souvenirs of the blue creature already started selling in stores around Shanghai.

Officials also unveiled the design of the China pavilion, which looks very traditional with lots of red. It's already nicknamed "oriental crown", shaped like an inverted pyramid.

The pavilion won't just show off China as a country, but also will have space for every province and region to make their presentations as well as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

However, the mainland Chinese media are reporting that talks with Taiwan about being part of the China pavilion aren't going so well.

Officials are hoping Taiwan will participate, but they haven't gotten much of a response yet from what they call "the renegade province". Organizers say they do have a backup plan just in case.

There is still lots of time. But having a plan B in place isn't a bad idea.

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ks said...

i like the haibao better than the five olympic fuhua mascots. they are too overwhelming. the design of 'ren' is simple, meaningful and nice looking. light blue color provides a sense of peace even the united nations pick this same color. it's lovable smile and big eyes will sure make it a winner.