Thursday, December 13, 2007

Passing Time

Most of the buses here have TV screens to keep commuters entertained.

But they're mostly of infomercials that become tedious after watching them at least 10 times during the ride.

There's only so many toothpaste, detergent, milk and Olympics commercials you can watch over and over and over again.

Rush hour after work has more interesting programming, broadcasting news, and in the evening, entertainment magazine shows.

And the newest subway, Line 5 is taking TV shows to a new level.

The screens on the platforms and in the trains are now showing Tom and Jerry cartoons. And everyone watches them transfixed.

They're watching the escapades of the cat and mouse for the first time, while for me it brings back childhood memories.

The cartoon viewing does make the time go by fast... and if you're not paying attention you could miss your stop.

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ks said...

i would suggest an all-time news net work to be broadcast much like cnn to keep the populus informed. also in case of an emergency or disaster or any breaking news poeple can be informed in a very short time.