Monday, December 31, 2007

Another 10 Years

Hong Kong residents didn't get the answer they were looking for.

Beijing finally gave a ruling, albeit a vague one, saying the former British colony would finally be able to directly elect their leader in 2017, and legislators in 2020.

Chief Executive Donald Tsang was very pleased to get the news, while the pro-democracy camp was very disappointed.

Both Tsang and President Hu Jintao plan to leave office in 2012 and the following year respectively, so they won't have to deal with this issue closer to the time.

Meanwhile Hong Kongers took to the streets to demonstrate their frustration.

The year 2017 was chosen to mark the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, but the people aren't keen to wait that long.

Since 2003 when SARS hit, Hong Kong people have become more community minded and politically active, setting a precedent when hundreds of thousands of them took to the streets to show their displeasure of then Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa.

They believe they are ready to take more responsibility of their city, while Beijing begs to differ.

As the mainland hasn't clearly set out how universal suffrage would be implemented in the Special Administrative Region, 2017 isn't set in stone either.

Which means the fight for democracy still continues.

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ks said...

a true democracy needs a well educated well community minded people. i dont believe hongkongers are ready for it yet. judging from the naiivity of the hongkong politicians and its people as reported from daily the news i venture to say may be another ten years will be necessary for them to mature.