Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where's the Polisher Part 2

After work I went to Ito Yokado, a Japanese department store near my home.

It's great for staples, especially homeware and basic clothing. By the way I got my humidifier there. Originally I was set on buying one that was 100 RMB (US$13.52). But then a woman selling a different brand of humidifiers managed to persuade me to buy a more expensive one. What sold me was that it had a water filter in it. Originally it was 238 RMB, but she sold it to me for 206 RMB.

She said the filter was good for two years. And then what? I asked. Can I buy another filter here? No, she replied. Oh. Maybe by then I'm supposed to want another humidifier.

Then I headed to the basement where the supermarket is. And there was a stack of these biscuits on sale.

It literally says putao jia ceng bing or literally "grape press on both sides layer cake".

But as you can see from the picture, it's not grape, but raisins. I guess there's no word for dried grapes.

I didn't buy a pack, but they probably taste good.


IheartNY said...

I bought a giant pack of those biscuits in HK to bring back to NYC as a treat for my co-workers. When I showed it to them, they cooly informed me that those same things are available in NYC's Chinatown too.

That style of biscuit is quite popular in China. Yes, they're more like raisins, but they're not as dried out but just as much sugar.

Some of the biscuits in the same variety came with a layer of grape jam in the middle.

ks said...

in chinese there is no difference between grape and raisin. they are equivalent. why not just ry it?