Monday, November 12, 2007

Toilet Training

Although China may be building modern skyscrapers, colossal dams, churning out fancy cars and five-star hotels, its people still use squat toilets.

Even a swanky local restaurant will have holes in the floor for its wealthy patrons to squat over.

And my office, a modern building has these toilets too.

Fine, I can deal with that. I have my own strategy of going to the bathroom.

First I make sure it has toilet paper. If not, I go back to my desk and grab some tissues.

Next I roll up my pant legs and make sure every piece of clothing and footwear is out of splashing distance.

Then I aim (the best I can) into the hole.

Every once in a while, there's a bit of a splash on the floor and I clean that up.

But lately, someone in the office has been making a mess on the floor. Today there was a giant puddle no where near the toilet and the culprit didn't even bother to try and wipe it up.

There is staff who come by periodically through the day to mop up the bathroom floor, but this latest episode was late in the day and the cleaning staff had left.

I don't understand why this person is making a mess when they've had years to perfect the art of squatting. Even I'm not a seasoned one and have yet to make a puddle like the one I saw this afternoon.

But more importantly, why don't they wipe up their own mess? Or are they one of these only kids or 'child emperors' whose parents always cleaned up after them?


ks said...

the chinese have to revolutionise their toilet culture with emphasis on cleanliness . anatomically speaking the squat type is logical but sanitary wise it is not. the design of the squat toilet needs some improvisation to prevent splash as much as possible. in my office i understand some patiens still squat on the rim when they do their business.

IheartNY said...

I'm always surprised that out of all the innovations that travel across borders, the Japanese electronic toilet hasn't caught on in more places. I still have fond memories of the warm water jets and seat warmer.