Sunday, November 11, 2007

CCTV Update

I passed by the new CCTV building this afternoon. The sky was "foggy", but more like smoggy.

The construction crew are in the process of connecting the two slanted towers together at the top in an angle, and it's almost complete.

It's a crazy building and I wonder how functional it really is. But I have to give them points for eye-catching. It's definitely a looker.

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ks said...

all developing countries are dreams come true for creative architects. the building codes are lax, sky is the limit. take dubhai for example. the ship shaped hotel has become its symbol. there are lots of examples around the world. the famous sydney opera house is another. look back 100 years the effiel tower was named an eye sore of paris, now it is the most recognisable symbol in the rest of the world. the most recently finished michael lee-chin crystal of the ROM in toronto is another example. it is eye catching but i have read an article in the paper about museum staff having problems fitting exhibits inside. in south america the brasillia is also world famous for its forms. we hve to have a more objective attitude when looking at architecture. form and function are two elements that are very difficult to negotiate. when there is beauty the function suffers. but when there is good function the form suffers. attractive buildings are not very functional, and functional buildings are not very attractive, take the big boxy warehouses which provide lots of space they look ugly . the twains will never meet.